Experts: coping with overeating and craving for sweets really

In most cases, overeating is not due to lack of willpower, and with specific biological mechanisms and chemical reactions. Scientists have uncovered the basic principle of the hormones responsible for feelings of hunger and saturation, writes The Daily Mail. Leptin and ghrelin are some of the most important chemicals that affect appetite. Ghrelin causes the body feeling of hunger, and leptin is the satiety.

Previously it was thought that an imbalance of these hormones causes problems with overeating. Scientists have found, it is not. Important, not the concentration of hormones and sensitivity to them tissues of the brain. When the nervous system does not perceive the signals of saturation, it fails. As a result, and develops a pathological craving for food.

In addition to hormonal influences, play a role and taste of food. For most people, unhealthy food always seems to taste better. Scientists believe, connected to psychological factors knowledge in the field of hormones, it is possible to develop new schemes of treatment of obesity with impact on the main factor of its development – the excess food.

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