The belief that children absorb information better in the afternoon, turned out to be false. A group of researchers from Denmark have proved that children need to sit at the Desk in the morning. This ensures better brain activity and performance, says The Daily Mail. Then every hour ability of children to learn gradually decrease.

Scientists conducted an experiment with students 8-15 years old. It turned out that children best cope with tests from the first lesson. In the future every hour reduced the test score on average by 0.9%. A particularly pronounced difference in the ability to work scientists noticed in the group of students with initially low academic performance.

Positively on the students affected by the relaxation during breaks and lessons. After a long 20-30 minute break, the children coped with the tests is 1.7% better than the standard 5-10 minute change. Teachers should understand the children very tired from school. That's why breaks are extremely important.

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