Experts: children develop inharmonious

Half of the children aged 3-5 years free managed phones and tablets, but can't handle simple responsibilities at home. Only every sixth child at this age, the study found, can prepare their own simple Breakfast. Other results of the study writes the Daily Mail.

The majority of young children can easily move the mouse and play computer games, use apps for the phone. Researchers cite the disturbing statistic: 58% of children without any difficulties to learn a new game on my phone and can't tie his own shoes or learn to ride a bike. 25% of kids know how to use browser and only 20% - independently swim.

Interestingly, the children of young mothers life skills mastered noticeably slower than children born to women aged 35 years and older. Scientists pay attention to the absorption of modern technology in all spheres of human activity. That is why children learn much faster to use the phone than to talk.

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