Experts: canned foods can cause hormonal issues

Canned food is not as secure as it might seem at first glance. This is indicated by the results of the scientific work of specialists from the Universities of Stanford and Johns Hopkins. They the study analyzed the effect of canned foods on human health.

The experiment was attended by 7.5 thousand people. Researchers examined and very young children, and adults, and the elderly. The study took five years and lasted from 2003 to 2008.

As it turned out, in the modern canned foods can find a large number of potentially dangerous chemicals. So, consumption of one jar of canned food increases the body's level of bisphenol A in the quarter. Two banks, respectively, one and a half times increase the concentration of this compound in the blood.

According to experts, the most dangerous are canned soups, pasta, fruits and vegetables. BPA at high concentrations can trigger the development of diabetes, heart disease and a number of other diseases.

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