Experts called the illness of his wife frequent cause of divorce

Experts from the University of Iowa for 20 years watched 2701 married couple. One of the spouses at the time of the survey crossed the mark of 50 years. 32% of marriages, according to observation results, collapsed due to a divorce, another 24% in the death of one of the partners. Divorce was more common among families where the man was younger than women, writes The Daily Mail.

Draws attention to another fact. The frequency of divorce in families with sickly wives was higher by 6% compared with the control group. The disease, scientists believe, causes marriage a lot of damage and in some cases may be the cause of divorce. Of the husband or wife of the second partner turns into a guardian, not all this role in family life happy.

Plays an important role in courtship behavior of the husband for the wife. Many women file for divorce when you notice the indifference and absence of signs of attention from her husband. Experts say that family life is the natural person's position in society. Family strengthens mental and physical health, helps in the implementation of their ambitions.

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