There is a big difference between the amount of muscle mass and actual physical power of man. Scientists say that there is no reason to wonder that bodybuilders can much worse to cope with exercises on muscle strength and endurance than people with a smaller muscle volume.

It's all in the training. One exercise raise strength, others for endurance, others are aimed at improving the terrain of the body. Most of the activities do not overlap with each other.

Overblown muscles, for the most part, are the result of hormonal drugs. To the pump to the size of a bodybuilder without the intake of pharmacological agents is almost impossible. It should be noted, in addition to shapes and volume, the drugs usually nothing.

If you desire to become a second Arnold Schwarzenegger is not, you should develop in harmony, pumping and endurance, and overall strength of the body. The main goal of sports rehabilitation and strengthening of the body.

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