Experts believe that in the winter diet of the liver must be greater than

The onset of winter, receive expert advice on the inclusion in the diet of a maximum amount of by-products, especially liver. This is due to the fact that in comparison with simple meat offal of animals have greater nutritional value.

For example, in the liver minerals contained in much larger quantities than in vegetables and fruits. According to experts, it is a true "super food" that can fully substitute for greenhouse vegetables and fruit in winter.

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In addition, the researchers conducted an experiment, which was attended by laboratory rodents. Test subjects were divided in three groups. Rodents from the first group received normal food in the diet of the second group have added vitamin b, and the subjects of the third ate raw liver. After seven days of experiment experimental fell into the tank filled with water. It was found that the rodents from the first two groups were able to stay afloat for about thirty minutes, after which they were tired, so experts took them out of the water. At the same time fed mice with a normal diet, the liver, were able to swim for about ninety minutes.

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