Experts are encouraged to enter on the work of "quiet time" with time to sleep

Stress resulting from work is now no surprise. A significant volume of diverse tasks and functions forcing the employee to spend a lot of efforts for their implementation. While the hormone adrenaline, there are forces that are quickly exhausted and fatigue sets in, the newspaper reports Zee News.

Mental ailment leads to loss of interest in work, inattention, lack of new ideas. Experts recommend to do not easy break, a "quiet time". After a short rest, the body will be restored and the employee will be able to continue with high productivity to carry out their duties.

Lack of sleep one hour every day, a person seriously harms their health. Scientists at the University of Leeds found out that by arranging the afternoon break, you can reduce the risk of depression, diabetes and heart disease. It sleep problems lead to these bad consequences.

Scientists believe that CEOs should be introduced NAP in the office. Because according to statistics every fourth person sleeps less than five hours a day. The optimal amount of time for a short NAP from 14.00 to 16.00. Twenty-minute sleep can restore power, adjust the immune system, thus reducing the number of hospital days.

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