Experts advise to turn off the nightlight and TV during sleep

Additional stimuli during sleep (included nightlight or a working TV) can trigger the growth of breast cancer in women. Light interferes with the cells of the body to produce melatonin. This hormone deactivates the cancer cells and stops the processes associated with tumor growth.

It is noteworthy that the inactive cells are more amenable to traditional anticancer therapy. If man was not sleeping in a dark room, treatment with tamoxifen does not have the desired effect. The data set David Blaska of Tolstogo University.

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Black organized an experiment on laboratory mice. Melatonin improved the health status of animals and sacks growth of cancerous tumors. Tamoxifen acted much better if the patient was asleep in a quiet room without extra lighting. Particularly strong positive effect was recorded when mice received special additives. Scientists are advised to limit the intensity of the lighting in the bedrooms, to improve sleep quality and reduce the risk of cancer.

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