Experts advise to start dinner with sweet

Scientists constant talk about harm, which in themselves are products consisting of "fast" carbohydrates. However, not all scholars agree with this view, writes The Daily Mail. Dr. James Gardiner believes that dessert before dinner allows you to control your appetite and eat less food at one time.

Glucose rapidly into the bloodstream and blocks the craving for sweet foods, allowing you to obtain the necessary portions of protein and fat. Scientists in experiments with laboratory mice have proved that after a full day of fasting activates protein of glucokinase. This substance controls the amount of sugar entering the blood. It defines the craving for sweets. Scientists suggest that people who love cakes, candies, cakes, generated a lot of glucokinase.

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Scientists propose to control weight lunch, start with a small portion of the "fast" carbohydrates. According to them, this will help control your appetite and will enable you to lose a few extra pounds.

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