Experts advise to refrain people with kidney disease from steaks

Scientists from the health Science center A&M University in Texas conducted an analysis of health 1486 people with chronic kidney disease. It turned out that certain diets can lead to kidney failure. This disease is associated with a gradual failure of the renal tubules and reduction in the activity of production of urine. Patients with renal insufficiency should periodically undergo hemodialysis. An extreme measure - kidney transplant, says Zee News.

Particularly exacerbates the health of the kidneys of animal protein food. Many proteins found in red meat. Scientists are advised to refrain from steaks and kebabs for people with chronic kidney disease and substituting fruits and vegetables.

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It is difficult to answer, can fruits and vegetables to prevent the development of renal disease, however, the vitamins from plant foods is vital to the human body. However, to refuse food of animal origin completely not worth it. All you need to feel the measure.

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