Experts advise to eat beets athletes and people with heart disease

Scientists from the University of Kansas, headed by David Poole proved beet juice improves blood circulation in the muscles. Substances included in the composition of beet juice have an impact not only on the skeletal muscles, but also on the heart muscle, writes Microfinance Monitor.

In the beet contains a large amount of salt of nitric acid. This substance helps the muscles to cope with intensive training. 70 milligrams of beet juice contain salts of nitric acid per 100 grams of spinach. Juice, according to scientists, increases muscle blood flow by 38%.

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Beet juice has a slightly alkaline reaction, so it shows when the acidity of the stomach. Vsosavshisi, minerals purify the blood of toxins and stimulate the synthesis of red blood cells, the only carriers of oxygen in living organisms. In addition, the beet contains betalain typical antioxidant and anti-inflammation.

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