Experts advise not to deal with blowing out candles on birthday cakes

The problem is that in the process on the surface of the confectionery product is just a huge number of bacteria (their number increased by as much as 1400%). This pessimistic conclusion was able to do a group of scientists from the United States. In the experiment, the specialists replaced the cake with a piece of foam of the appropriate form, covered with icing and a layer of foil. To additional enhance the process of salivation was previously eaten pizza.

After all candles were lit, which immediately blew out. Then the icing slightly softened with water and placed in special containers, in order to calculate the amount of the contained bacteria. It turned out that they are very, very much, but the bacterial composition was varied and depended on who of the participants in the experiment blew out the candles.

On average, in the process of the festive ritual, which is located on the surface of the cake of bacteria was fourteen times more. Note also that in one of the analyzed cases there was an increase in their numbers more than a hundred and twenty times. This has led to the conclusion that some people are carriers of a much more significant number of different bacteria than most others.

Experts have concluded that the vast majority live in the mouth bacteria are harmless, however, if the celebrant is sick, the confection is the better place to eat not to eat.

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