Experts: a sense of humor does not make a woman more attractive to men

Thus the man that made the woman laugh, increases your chances of sexual intimacy with her, writes The Daily Mail. Beautiful floor uses laughter for emotional support or signaling system to help men understand, is interested in them or not. Women themselves with a sense of humor in the eyes of men do not look attractive, according to scientists from the University of Kansas.

Part of the experiment 100 volunteers went on a blind date. Within ten minutes people were bringing a new acquaintance.

Sense of humor, the researchers found, was talking about extroversion of a person, but not his intellect. Many suggest that men with sense of humor smart, but this quality may not reflect intelligence. It is interesting and different. If a man is able to amuse the girl increased your chances of a successful date, a humorous women were not called to meet with little sympathy.

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