Experiments on mice showed that blindness is curable

Scientists have already tried to restore vision using transplanted cells. Another experiment on mice confirmed the fact that they are on the right track. Rodents inoculated photosensitive cells by injection into the retina, reports ABC News.

The meaning of this transplantation is that the volume of the transplanted cells must be not only larger, but the cells must be on a special stage of development, says Robert MacLaren, a scientist at Oxford University. He is with a group of scientists conducted an experiment on mice, which was observed degradation of the eye retina, in order to check how well the function of photoreceptor precursor cells. Note that cells predecessors referred to as an intermediate stage between the photosensitive cells and stem cells.

The cells are introduced into the fluid between the layers of the retina. After two weeks after the injection of the light-sensitive cells are replaced by transplanted cells, and a new layer is reunited with the nerve.

Testing showed that 10 animals mice of 12, after conducting such operations began to file response to light. Theoretically, cells for implantation can also be obtained from human material, the owner who was blind for many years.

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