Experimental drug against chronic constipation

Harvard scientists have developed linaclotide is an experimental drug that will help to cure chronic constipation. During the 12 week study, 21 percent of participants in the experiment by taking the medicine felt that the activity of the intestine increased by three times a week, compared to only 6 percent who received placebo.

Chronic constipation affects up to 19 percent of Americans, they defecate less than three times per week, while experiencing difficulties in the process because of the size and hardness of the waste.

204 clinical centers to voluntarily test the drug agreed 1276 people. Part received placebo, part of the dose of the drug linaclotide 145 mg, part - a double dose.

14 percent of people medication caused diarrhea, and 4 percent of the people opted for this reason, to continue participation in the experiment, however, 65 percent of people said, I would like to continue treatment with this drug. Linaclotide stimulates intestinal secretion, thus, he could not help patients with constipation problems with the pelvic part.

However, 21.2 percent of participants treated with linaclotide reported significant improvement in health and a more regular chair that gives doctors the right to declare that the market will soon be a new effective remedy for constipation.

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