Experiment with laboratory mice have helped to find the cause of visual impairment in space

Gravity leads to deterioration of vision. To such conclusion scientists from America and Russia. Experiment on laboratory mice in conditions of weightlessness proved assumptions specialists.

In addition to mice on Board the space laboratory was fish, geckos, Mongolian gerbils, algae and crustaceans. Most of the organisms were killed and did not live up to the main part of the test. However, almost all mice survived. Over time, most of them began to experience vision problems.

"Life in space in a special way changes the operation of the artery walls, their ability to manipulate the flow of blood in the brain, which can negatively affect many things, including the vision," says Maiko Delp, one of the participants in the experiment.

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The process of narrowing of the arteries in mice in space was 50% worse than in gravity conditions. Scientists plan to conduct a series of experiments to prove their theories. Soon another batch of mice will arrive at the ISS for research.

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