Experiment: the impatient woman's age faster

Impatience speeds up the aging process. This is indicated by the results of scientific work of scientists from Singapore. They found that the patient keeps cells younger at the deepest level.

The study involved 1158 young women from China. The volunteers were asked to make a choice between receiving $ 100 immediately or a larger amount, but was required to wait. Thus were formed two groups of girls: patient and impatient.

Next, the researchers examined the chromosomes of volunteers. The impatient women's telomeres were significantly shorter. This parameter says about the aging of cells. In the world of science length of telomeres has long been a parameter for assessing the viability of individual cells, tissues and organs. The older a person is, the more in the body cells with short telomeres.

Interestingly, a similar phenomenon has been set up exclusively for women. In men, the patient played no role in the aging process.

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