Experiences in adolescence prevent to find work to adult years

Emotional status and psychological state of the adolescent may affect his future. This is indicated by the results of the work carried out by scientists from the University of Stirling. As it turned out, regular stress, depression and nervousness hinder the formation of adolescent's personality. More Mature years complexes, most likely, will hinder a person to get a job, tells the newspaper The Times of India.

In total in research took part 7 thousands of U.S. residents, 1980-1984 year of birth. The presence of psychological distress in adolescents aged affect the availability of career among young people in the near future. The probability of unemployment increases by about a third if the child does not feel support from friends and family, experiencing difficulties with adaptation in collectives.

Emotions play an important role in shaping the personality, say the scientists. Therefore, it is important to pay attention not only to direct the education of children but also their psychological state.

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