Exhaust gases can cause a heart attack

British scientists claim that the inhalation of exhaust gases six hours significantly increases the risk of heart attack.

The findings of the study suggest that inhalation of exhaust gases provokes an attack against the existing problems with the cardiovascular system. However, experts advise everyone to avoid prolonged and frequent contact with the exhaust gases, as they can cause diseases of the lungs and heart.

Professor Jeremy Pearson, who participated in this large-scale study, says: "we know that polluted air with exhaust gases can significantly affect health, the reason for this is heavy metal salts, which violate the rheological properties of blood and increase the likelihood of forming blood clots".

Researchers operate medical records 80 000 patients admitted in the hospital with heart attacks. The doctors examined the Association of these attacks with inhaling exhaust gases.

After the publication of the obtained data, some scientists suggest that the conclusions are not very objective and seizures in these patients would have been so. The risk is more dependent on the area and lifestyle, inhalation of exhaust gases is not more than 5% may increase the risk of attack.

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However, should listen to the recommendations and to avoid patients with cardiovascular disease places where dense traffic and high concentration of exhaust gases in the air.

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