Exercises that will help with curvature of the spine

Very often people have problems with the spine. One of the most common is the curvature. All this leads to headaches and discomfort in the back. For these problems you have not touched, it is necessary to perform specific exercises. Other causes of back pain can be found here.

All the physical exercises that are performed to strengthen the spine, must be done with great caution. If you are experiencing pain, then classes should be discontinued so as not to harm the health.

Before you begin to exercise, you should perform warm-up. This will help to prepare the body and to properly perform the subsequent charging. Each exercise should be performed 8 times. This is done to achieve the greatest effect. In addition, when you exercise, you should try to run them in full force.

All the exercises are divided into blocks. The first cervical vertebrae. In order to strengthen the spine in this place, you must follow the rotation of the head. You need to make at least a few circular motions.

To strengthen the thoracic vertebrae by using the slopes. Must stand in the correct starting position. Feet should be shoulder-width apart, hands should be raised up. Doing incline, try to stretch further. Tilts are performed in turn in both directions.

Another useful exercise has to be performed lying down. Bend your legs, the back, better to put the roller arms to get behind your head. In this position, begin to lift your upper torso. Try not to tear off hands.

For the lumbar spine there are also several exercises. One of them is lying. Lift the legs and move them from side to side. Thus it is necessary to ensure that the head and shoulders lay on the floor. Then you lie on your stomach and lift the leg. These exercises should be performed on one, then on the other leg. The next exercise is on all fours. Try to bend and bring the shoulder blades together.

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Often the cause of all problems with the spine is a sedentary lifestyle. Constant sitting position leads to many chronic diseases of the back. In order to reduce the negative effects from lack of exercise, and provided the considered classes. If any pain is better to stop the exercise. Strong spine will get rid of many diseases.

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