Exercises on elliptical trainer

Everyone chooses his own way to lose weight and maintain body shape. Elliptical trainer allows people to exercise at home, in front of the TV. About Jogging through the swamp and rain can not forget forever. Sessions on the elliptical trainer amplify the effect of any diet. Before you start to do, it is better to consult a doctor in order to avoid health problems.

Rules training on the simulator

The average duration of training should be about 1 hour. This time is sufficient to burn 400-500 calories. The training on the simulator is cardio, so it cannot deal with people who have heart problems. Rules classes:

• 2 hours before a workout you should eat, it is advisable not very satisfying. You can eat soup and 200 gr. lean meat.

• During training on the simulator to drink water. This should be done in order to restore the salt balance in the body. Drink water to 20 ml every 15 minutes.

• The lesson should be divided into four stages:

1. The warm-up. Duration - 10 minutes. Be conducted to ensure that the body is warmed up. Physical activity should be 20% of the maximum.

2. The main stage. Its duration is 30 minutes. During this phase, the muscles come to the tone, the skin begins to catch up. Exercise - 60% of maximum.

3. The acceleration. The duration of this stage is 10 minutes. At this time, the body actively burns calories. The level of sugar in the blood drops. Physical load - 90-100%.

4. The hitch. After acceleration do not abruptly stop. You must give your body to adapt. Gradually slow down. The duration of the delay is 10 minutes. Exercise - 10% of maximum.

• One hour after a workout you need to eat. Protein food are perfect.

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Training can be chosen independently. The most favorable hours for training on the simulator from 17-00 to 19-00. If during exercise causes severe shortness of breath, you need to reduce the physical load. Start the workout with 10 minutes. The optimal number of classes 3 times a week. Using an elliptical trainer can for a short time to lose weight, unless, of course, to stick to the diet, but not too strict.

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