Exercise reduces cancer risk in men

So far, it was known that exercising reduces the risk of developing diabetes, heart attack and stroke. Conducted by American scientists from Vermont University study found that exercise will help to reduce the likelihood of developing cancer in men.

The researchers concluded that physical exercise is very important for the health of middle-aged men, because in addition to reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, physical activity lowers the risk of developing lung cancer and colon cancer. However, it was found that the sport reduces the risk of death from prostate cancer, but the influence of physical exercises on the likelihood of the cancer have been identified.

Scientists have conducted this research experiment among 17 thousand men, whose average age at the time of the study was 50 years. Before the study, the participants were tested to determine their physical condition. The experiment lasted for almost a quarter of a century. During this time, the 277 participants had been diagnosed with cancer of the lung, 276 - bowel cancer, and 2332 men had been diagnosed with cancer of the prostate.

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After analyzing the obtained data, the experts noted that those men who before the beginning of the study played sports and was in good physical shape, the risk of lung cancer was reduced by 68 percent, and the risk of colon cancer was lower by 38% compared to participants in research, the physical form which left much to be desired. It was also revealed that even if men developed cancer mortality in physically active men was below 14 percent.

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