Exercise helps with diabetes mellitus type II

Diabetes can develop during pregnancy. Sometimes the disease disappears by itself after childbirth. In some cases of gestational diabetes turn into type II diabetes, according to Medical News Today. According to statistics, every third woman with diabetes mellitus of the second type had gestational diabetes.

The level of sugar in the disease can be controlled in several ways. You need to change the approach to diet, to reduce the amount of food consumed. Special attention should be given to the amount of fast carbs. In the second place, it is necessary to address to the endocrinologist for the purpose of drug therapy.

Researchers conducted a study involving 4.5 thousand women with gestational diabetes. In 635 cases of gestational diabetes has passed in type II diabetes. It turned out that 100 minutes of moderate reduced the risk of diabetes of the second type by 9%.

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In General, indicators of diabetes among women, the leading active lifestyle below. This is due to the physical form and the lack of excess weight, high cholesterol.

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