Exercise helps get rid of depression, the study showed

Daily exercise is the best way to get rid of depression. This is indicated by the results of research scientists from the University of Wisconsin (USA). They found evidence of the use of physical training for the mind during the struggle with depression.

Depression is poorly treated with medication. Most drugs can only subside the symptoms, while the mental state is not itself depart. In protracted depression, many people no longer get out of the house and reduce their activity to minimum. Scientists have proved that sports and go outside just need.

We are not talking about heavy loads. Just start with 10-20 minute workouts at home or half-hour walks around the city. The study showed that 30 minutes of physical activity reduce symptoms of depression and improve mood.

While we only know the short-term effect of physical training on the psyche. Future research needs to prove the presence or absence of a long-term effect of exercise on the nervous system during the depression.

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