Exercise during pregnancy has a beneficial effect on brain development of the fetus

Pregnancy is a special stage in a woman's life. Scientists and doctors are advised to plan in advance and responsible approach to childbearing. Most of the organs and systems are laid in the womb, that is why the mother's health is so important for the future health of the baby. It is known that it is necessary to adhere to a sound diet, give up bad habits and spend more time outdoors. Recently, scientists have come to an interesting discovery. It turns out that exercise during pregnancy can have a positive impact on the brain development of the child.

The speed of development of the nervous system of the child is increased if the mother during pregnancy were engaged in physical exercises and kept myself in shape, according to a team of scientists from the University of Montreal. Scientists presented its report in San Diego for a conference Neuroscience 2013.

To prove their theory, the scientists recruited two groups of pregnant women volunteers. One group was actively engaged in rational exercise, and the other followed his standard routine and did not bother to additional loads. It turned out that just three twenty minute workouts a week in order to have a stimulating effect on the development of the nervous system of the child. Already on 12 day after the birth of such children was marked by increased activity in the brain, which is a sign of increased development. Data were collected using electroencephalography.

Thus, scientists have confirmed his theory. Indeed, children's brain was developing much faster if the mother during pregnancy followed the recommendations of doctors and did exercises. Scientists do not intend to dwell on the received information and to conduct a series of studies aimed at the analysis of the development of visual, motor, language abilities and their connection with the lifestyle of the expectant mother.

It should be noted that previously, scientists proved the theory with experiment in laboratory animals. The present study confirmed the efficiency of this method in humans.

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