Exercise and coconut oil help from hypertension

Scientists from the Federal University of Paraiba confirmed the effectiveness of the popular recipe. It turns out that coconut oil really helps from hypertension. The active substances in its composition, affect baroreflex sensitivity, which helps to retard the growth pressure. Data provided by the publication Business Standard.

In the experiment, the lab rats received coconut oil. When compared with the control group, the researchers found that the test group gained less weight than control. Besides coconut oil on weight is influenced by physical activity.

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"This is a very important discovery. Coconut oil is currently very popular product. The possibility of using coconut oil as a treatment for hypertension is another of its advantages. In the future we plan to conduct clinical trials and to find out whether coconut oil to cope with hypertension in humans", commented the results of Valdir de Andrade Braga, author of the study.

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