Excessive sweating - causes, how to solve the problem

Sweating is a natural physiological process, which is caused by the discharge of fluid from the sweat glands. Most often, excessive sweating is observed in men.

Excessive sweating is most seen in the summer, to sound the alarm and run to the doctor is not necessary, if you are not worried about not natural, sharp and unpleasant smell. Male sweat has a peculiar odor. Women's sweat does not smell of perfume, but the smell is not as sharp.

Excessive sweating due to a physiological characteristic of the person, and sometimes the fact that in the heat we drink a lot of liquid. To rejoice is necessary that the body does not accumulate in itself a liquid, because this leads to the formation of edema.

But the cause of the odor, which you had not bothered, could be hormonal disturbance, and disruption of internal organs and even great emotional turmoil. Of course, for anyone unpleasant yellow sweating, clothing, scars, appears a strange smell . . .

To solve the problem, you can try some tools, but if they won't need any help, then run to the doctor.

Boycott sweating

First of all, you need to start the treatment from the inside. To get rid of odor and excessive sweating, start to drink herbal teas or green tea.

Green tea helps strengthen the immune system and limits the sweating naturally. The liquid comes out from the body the other way, and armpit rest.

From decoctions will help you with the following compositions:

Camomile 2 teaspoons per Cup of boiling water. Infuse hour, cool and drink during the day, divided into three equal parts.

A decoction of oak bark (10 grams per Cup of boiling water) will be a great help in the fight against increased perspiration. Drink an hour before a meal, 2 tablespoons 4 times a day.

Regular consumption of herbal teas helps to reduce sweating and eliminates odor. You can use the broth as a treatment for armpits.

In the summer time, 2 times a day, morning and evening Naturita armpit with a solution of baking soda. After 20 minutes rinse, the smell will not be over. And if you use this advice and in the morning, during the day, your armpits will remain dry. You cannot use immediately after hair removal.

Toothpaste also eliminates unpleasant odor, it is more efficient to use dry powder. Apply to underarms and wash off after 10 minutes. Fresh and pleasant smell for the whole day.

Lemon juice with regular use and prevents the appearance of yellow marks on clothing. Apply the juice on the underarms before going out on the street and walk quietly all day. Freshness, purity and dryness all day you provided.

Take note and use deodorant. After take a shower in the evening, dry armpits and apply deodorant. The effect will exceed all your expectations. The effect of a deodorant is increased many times, if you use it at night.

These simple tips will help you in coping with increased sweating. Use it!

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