Excessive parental concern can lead to depression in children

Children hard parents who like to keep under control all the people and more vulnerable to the emergence of their anxiety and depression. In addition, they get harder to make contact with their environment, writes The Daily Mail. They think that they can't control their lives.

Naturally, such parents are trying to protect and support your child, but such care had return success. To this opinion reached by scientists from the University of Mary Washington, which conducted a survey of 297 young people in the age group of 18-to 23-ex years. Study participants answered questions regarding their abilities and degree of independence from their parents.

In their responses they described their state, relation with others, as well as the degree of their satisfaction with life in General. The answers to these questions given the opportunity to determine the presence of depression in young people, as well as the degree of their anxiety. It turns out that those study participants who were dependent on their parents, often complained of his depressed state.

They were more prone to depression, and some of them suffered from it. They was bad relationships with people, and they were not happy with their lives. The older the man gets, the more he needs freedom. But not all parents understand and accept this opinion. That's why scientists are once again reminded of such parents that adolescents need adequate environment and a certain degree of freedom.

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