Excessive parental care is harmful to the child

Many parents believe that they can protect their children from everything, if you will keep them under tight control. But a recent study by scientists from the UK have found that excessive parental concern about their child can become harmful. They found that parental care beyond measure, can make a child more vulnerable to the realities of life, as in this case, the child cease to develop such useful qualities as self-assertion and independence. Therefore, such children often become the subject of ridicule from their peers and the victims of bullies. In addition, it may mean that the parents become dependent on their children.

This conclusion scientists have come as a result of analysis of 70 studies, which were attended by 200 thousand children. The analysis of the experts from the University of Warwick have also demonstrated that the more severe were brought up with children in their families, the more brutally they were treated bullies, and even higher among these children was a risk to become their victims. As noted by the researchers, warm parental relationship, coupled with a solid education is much reduced risk of being zatravlenny their peers.

According to one of the authors of scientific works of Dr. Dieter Wolf, in the upbringing of the child parental control and support, as well as their participation is simply necessary, but at the same time, the parent excessive protection can only harm the child in his socialization. Children need support, but some parents are trying to create for their children a kind of impenetrable buffer through which can not penetrate no negative emotion. In the end, this is not a protection, because the children are not looking for methods on how to cope with their abusers, making them even more vulnerable. Parents should remember that they will not be allowed to sit with their children at one school, summed up the scientist.

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The most effective teachers are those parents who set their own rules of conduct, but at the same time continue to stay with their children's friends. Such parents superficial look at the small conflicts of their children's classmates, and I never interfere with them, allowing your child to feel that is a dispute, and how to get out of it a winner.

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