Excessive fluid intake can lead to death

People are of the opinion: to drink a lot of water useful. However, the described cases are forced to think about the correctness of this judgment. At least, athletes should be mindful of the amount of fluid consumption, writes Zee News.

The article provides two deaths among members of school teams in football, described by Dr. James Winger. During training one guy drank about 15 liters of water and sports drinks. The athlete lost consciousness at home, the ambulance was unable to save him.

In the second case, right on the Playground developed severe cramps and vomiting. After the attack, the athlete will temper

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Consumption of large amounts of fluid (really big) threatens to hyponatremia, which develops under the influence of physical activity. Reducing sodium to the critical indicators provokes massive brain swelling, seizures, vomiting, loss of consciousness.

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