Excessive flexibility in children. Good or bad?

The majority of gymnasts and acrobats are born with a certain feature of their connective tissue have an increased tendency to stretch. This indicator depends on the flexibility of the human body. There is an opinion that success in gymnastics, ballet, figure skating, synchronized swimming is impossible to achieve without such features. Doctors warn that, as everywhere, there is a fine line, stepping over which the flexibility already starts to look like a sign of attractiveness, and becomes one of the symptoms of connective tissue dysplasia.

Dysplasia is a condition that is hereditary. When such pathology disturbed state of the collagen fibers - they become more vulnerable, and their rate of recovery decreases. But it is not a disease - it's a specific organism, which in the future can develop into disease. Physical activity dysplasia can lead to various injuries or even death.

Parents can find manifestations of dysplasia yourself. In a child with hip dysplasia can easily pull the skin from the forehead or hands an inch or more. The child can touch the little finger brush to lay his head, etc.

In infancy syndrome can manifest itself in the form of curvature of the legs, various hernias. More adult children are varicose veins, hemorrhoids. And pain in the legs caused by flat feet or bending posture, are also a cause dysplasia.

Once you have identified the connective tissue dysplasia, need to know if she had develop into a serious disease. For this you need to consult a specialist (paediatrician or geneticist), a special laboratory tests (heart ultrasound, radiography, tomography, and so on). Children with dysplasia will have to hire the services of a surgeon, podiatrist, dentist, ophthalmologist, Laura.

To change the system of connective tissue is not possible, but if you did find this feature in your child, changing his lifestyle, you can avoid serious consequences. Need to increase locomotor activity, give your child to swim or yoga, but at the same time to reduce tension: heavy lifting, sudden movements. Write the child a massage. Make sure that he is constantly consumed protein.

Treatment DST - really hard work. But the result is the future health of your child is worth it.

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