Excessive consumption of tea increases risk of prostate cancer in men

Daily consumption of tea in large volume affects the risk of developing prostate cancer. Men don't get too carried away by this drink. Seven cups of tea a day, according to the study, several increase the likelihood of developing cancer.

In total, the study involved 6 thousand men in the age from 21 to 75 years. It turned out that the consumption of tea in the amount of seven cups a day increases the risk of developing prostate cancer by 50%.

The connection is very slim, say the researchers. Three cups of quality tea a day only strengthen the body, and seven cups of sugar packets, on the contrary, is affected adversely. That's why experts recommended to abandon the amount towards the quality of the drink.

Meantime, require a more detailed consideration of the issue. Further scientific work needs to answer the questions raised in the study. Previously it was thought that tea in any quantity is extremely useful for the body. Now this fact is questioned.

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