Excessive consumption of food leads to a reduction in life

As shown by the results of the research scientists from the USA, if a person will reduce your diet by 40 percent, his life expectancy will increase by 20 years. Scientists came to this conclusion after he had conducted experiments on mice and flies fruit flies. Recall that these two representatives of the animal world the similarity of the gene with the genes of a man is almost 60 percent. For both groups of scientists have developed a special diet, which included also some medications. As a result of this diet, lifespan, as rodents and insects was increased.

Despite the fact that for a long time scientists have come to the conclusion that the less a person eats, the longer he lives, the problem of excessive power continues to be relevant in the United States. The population of this country everywhere are prone to obesity or already suffering from it, and no common sense won't make them eat less. Scientists hope that the scientific arguments that will help Americans to reconsider their approach to excessive power.

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