Excessive concern about child nutrition leads to child obesity - the scientists

Nutritionists believe, for the prevention of obesity in a child need to build a proper diet of healthy foods and keep it. Forget about walking in the fresh air and physical activity is not worth.

"Spoon for mom, spoon for dad" is a flawed methodology that leads to childhood obesity and early diabetes of the second type. The child should receive the optimal amount of calories and nutrients.

Excessive feeding at an early age forms the feeding behavior and affect further development of the child.

First of all, scientists believe, it is necessary to reduce the amounts of food and to make a fractional power. Ideally, if the child is in need or 5-6 times a day (aged three years).

Fat deposits are formed from an excess of fast carbs (candy, cakes, soda, fast food). The child should know about the usefulness of fresh fruits and vegetables, meat and fish. If you instill a love of healthy foods from childhood, the risk of obesity greatly reduced.

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