Excess sugar lowers the immune system - the scientists

American scientists have proven that the consumption of large amounts of sugar dramatically reduces the activity of the immune system and increases the risk of death from Soboleva cardiovascular system.

To prove their theory, the scientists conducted a global study. For over 20 years surveyed people. Just took part 30 of thousands of volunteers. It turned out, if the percentage of calories coming exclusively from sugar, accounted for 10-25%, the risk of developing cardiovascular pathology was increased by 30%. More intensive consumption of sugar increases the risk of developing the disease by almost three times.

Together with this study, the researchers studied the effect of foods with a high sugar content in the brain of man and his memory. It was found that the high concentration of sugar wasalam nervous tissue and reduces the size of the hippocampus.

According to recent reports, many Russians are indifferent to sugar. Every day a person uses to 140 grams, 1 kilogram per week. Scientists have noted that these figures are excessive and should be reduced. Should give preference to slow carbohydrates, vegetable food, fish. Do not forget about the mode of work, rest and sleep.

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