Excess sleep is no less dangerous than the lack of sleep

Scientists often affect the theme of lack of sleep. It is believed that lack of sleep is one of the reasons for the development of numerous diseases: diabetes, heart attacks, depression. During sleep the person has reduced productivity. However, the overabundance of sleep may also result in certain pathology, report scientists from Columbia Asia hospital.

Experts believe that excess sleep does not give increased vitality, on the contrary, it causes drowsiness, decreased concentration, the desire to have NAPs during the day, even if the night was restful sleep. In addition, people with excess sleep can complain about abrupt changes of mood, irritability for no reason.

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The overabundance of sleep leads to weight gain, heart disease, hypertension. In some cases, constant sleepiness associated with medication, lack of sleep and wakefulness, the presence of psychological problems and depression.

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