Excess protein in childhood obesity threatens

It is known that foods with high protein content provides gyrosigma effect on an adult. It should be noted that this information does not apply to children, as the metabolism of the child has strong differences. In some cases, excess protein in childhood obesity threatens, says Xinhua.

Researchers from the University of Maximilian proved that the quality of nutrition of the child at the stage of being in the womb and in the first years of his life literally lays health and affect its status in the future. Weight problems in the first years of life inevitably flow into adolescence. Scientists have tracked the body mass Index of children in two groups and evaluated the dynamics of its changes depending on the amount of protein consumed.

A large number of proteins in the diet of the child led to the fact that by six years these children had higher BMI than children with other children's nutrition. Interestingly, the risk was increased 2.5 times, if we compare this with the group receiving the mixture with a low protein content.

It is likely that the protein is not only accelerates the growth of the body, but also the weight. Excess protein is converted to fat tissue. Research on this topic will continue. While in the absence of visible pathology preference should be given to the proven nutritional formula for children.

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