Excess calcium causes the arrhythmia - scientists

Canadian scientists have made a sensational discovery in the field of cardiology. There is a particular type of arrhythmia, which faces a high risk of sudden death, says Medical News Today. To this day, the medicine did not know what causes this pathology.

It is known that the arrhythmia is caused by a huge number of factors. Affects the formation of the disease and genetics, lifestyle, and nutrition. As it turned out, a high level of calcium disrupts the conduction in the cardiac muscle that provokes spasmodic contraction of the myocardium.

In the study, researchers examined the mechanism of release of calcium ions from the cell depot. Calcium regulates the activity of a nerve impulse in the muscle fibers of the heart. In particular, scientists are interested in the receptor ryanodine. This structure is responsible for the process of release of calcium ions.

The receptor triggers the generation of calcium waves. Increased levels of calcium in the blood leads to arrhythmias. Scientists believe that taking control of receptor ryanodine will help to overcome such a serious disease.

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