Examination, ultrasound or MRI: what is more effective in diagnosing breast cancer

In the journal "SURIGAL ONCOLOGY" experts "American society of surgeons of mammalogy published a study that assessed the diagnostic value in the detection of breast cancer by the method of inspection specialist with palpation of the breast, ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging.

The study showed that there is no method that is 100 percent guarantees accurate diagnosis of breast cancer. Great diagnostic value showed ultrasound method, which accurately identified 80 percent of the tumors. On the second place magnetic resonance imaging, its diagnostic value was 65 percent. Third place goes to the examination of the expert by palpation of the mammary gland, diagnostic value was 54 percent.

Given the importance of early detection of breast cancer, the cost and availability of different diagnostic methods can be recommended to women annual examination by a specialist, and for women at risk and women in menopause inspection specialist annually to Supplement the ultrasound diagnosis.

Recall that the group of breast cancer risk include women with a family anamnesis of Oncology and women older than 50 years.

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