Evolution warns children from vegetable products

Most children don't like vegetables. It makes no difference what method of cooking. They are ready to absorb huge quantities of sweets, meat and other products, but a certain aversion to certain vegetables can be traced in almost every child. Is all the fault of evolution, writes The Telegraph. A study conducted by researchers from Selskogo University, was studying the behavior of young children. They offered to pick up certain items. It turned out that the least interest they showed to the vegetables while small spoons, forks and brushes aroused enormous interest.

Scientists believe that this experiment says about the evolutionary nature of this phenomenon. Perhaps nature itself warns against plant food, as in ancient times a large number of plants were poisonous and carried the danger. Disclaimer vegetables can serve as a kind of protection that reduces the risk of contact between the child and dangerous plants.

The present study addressed the group of children aged 8 to 18 months. The children were with their parents. Before them lay face a set of six items, including plants and vegetables. Scientists have determined the time that was necessary for the child to choose and documented selection of each participant in the experiment.

It was found that the time required for the child to pick up the shell was about three seconds, while Basil children on average had decided to take ten seconds. In General, the children felt the smallest interest in plants and vegetables, preferring spoons, brushes and small items. It should be noted that the results of repeated when these vegetables were replaced by their models.

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