Evolution has transformed human hands is a lethal weapon

Human hands for the time evolution was developed so that people could compress the palm into a fist and learned to fight. To this opinion came David Quarry from the University of Utah, who made this discovery. According to him, man is the most aggressive species on Earth, reports Discovery News.

They conducted three experiments, one of which was to analyze the situation after heavy hitting Boxing "pear" men aged from 22 to 50 years. As it turned out, the force of the blow with his fist exceeds from 1.7 to 3 times the power strokes of his hand.

Further experiments showed that when clenching the hand into a fist, her joints were stronger and their hardness was increased. Plus, fingers, clenched fist, increased force of the blow almost two times. The secret of this lay in the fact that the force of the blow was transferred to the thumb.

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In addition, the study identified a feature of human behavior in the moment of aggression: they used fists to Express a threat to their opponents. This fact is further strengthened the confidence of a scientist that human hands are a serious weapon. In women they can also perform a protective function, despite the fact that women's hands are smaller than the male.

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