Evidence one of the useful properties of sleep

As we struggle with negative memories and traumatic events of our lives? American scientists have used brain scans to get an answer to this pressing question.

Experts from the University of California (USA) volunteers were shown filled with emotions pictures, and then, some time later showed them again, but at the same time carried out a brain scan, but one half of the subjects were allowed between experiments take a NAP for a few hours.

The result revealed that those who were able to sleep in the parts of the brain responsible for emotions, decreased activity. In areas of the brain that are associated with rational thinking, on the contrary, the activity was significantly increased. The volunteers who watched, re-demonstration of the photos evoked the strongest emotions. Thus, it appeared that the dream, in particular, its fast phase in the processing of memories plays a special role.

"In our brain during the phase of REM sleep and the level of norepinephrine (a substance that is associated with stress) decreases. Processed in such a safe in the neurochemical aspect of the environment, a negative experience is weakened and caused us many times less emotion," the scientists explain. Perhaps it is because in the morning we feel better and are ready to effectively deal with potential trouble.

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