Every year breast cancer sick 17 thousand Ukrainians

Recently Ukraine celebrated the day of the fight against breast cancer. More than seventeen thousand Ukrainians annually discover breast cancer. Mostly this disease affects women after forty years.

The patient Oncology Department Svetlana about cancer learned quite by accident, she had an operation and now she is on the examination. The woman is very grateful to the doctors for what they saved her chest, and she continues to feel like a full woman. About cancer it resembles a small scar in the chest.

In this Department operate even in very advanced stages. Often patients are afraid to lose the breast and therefore delaying the visit to the specialist. Ivan Smolanka, a specialist in breast tumors, said that if you go to the hospital in the early stages, then the woman will remove a small part of the breast with a malignant tumour, rather than the entire breast.

Another patient was Tatiana, she knew that after fifty years of mammograms should be done every six months, but of course did not. It is not expected that this terrible disease will affect it. Later she removed the chest. Tatiana said that has always been healthy, and when asked for help, it was too late. She wished all women to carefully monitor their health and to do x-rays and mammograms every six months.

If desired, the woman will be able to detect the tumor. There are three ways.

First check in the mirror.

You need to be near the mirror and stretch his hands continue to explore the chest. You must pay attention to the modification of the breast, such as depression, changing the shape and increasing veins. It is also necessary to change the position, put the hands on your hips, bend forward and raise the legs up.

The second method validation under the shower.

During a woman bathes you need three fingers to probe notable both Breasts. The left hand is checked right breast and Vice versa.

The last third way to palpate the chest, lying on the bed.

It is necessary to lay the hand and the chest on the pillow, and the opposite hand to palpate the breast. For greater effect it is better to check the chest by all three methods. These recommendations will help women, time to seek help from doctors, and not to bring everything down to a lethal outcome.

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