Every tenth inhabitant of the Earth is not literate

Scientific-technical progress and development of cultural values affect far from all corners of the globe. 16% of the population of the Earth today remain illiterate. These results reached by scientists of the research center of the American network edition "globalist".

781 million adults from different countries can neither write nor read. The most widespread illiteracy in the countries of Central Africa and West Asia. Their share is given about 600 million people, untrained literacy. Poor countries do not have sufficient funds to raise the cultural level of the country. Many countries are trying to deal with more pressing problems than learning to read and write: combating hunger and disease.

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Scientists as an example India. It is home to 286 million illiterate people. Interestingly, illiterate women two times more than men. Apparently, the phenomenon is associated with stereotypes, preserved in developing poor countries.

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