Every sixth case of cancer is associated with a curable infection

According to the results of a new study by French scientists have learned that one in six cases of cancer worldwide is associated with the presence of infection, according to Medical News Today. This study was conducted by specialists of the International Agency on cancer research in Lyon. The head of this study is Catherine D Martel. Report on the work of scientists published in the latest issue of the Lancet Oncology.

Researchers have studied the statistics of cases of cancer in 2008 worldwide. Next, they compared different morbidity, infectious, which was identified in patients with cancer.

The results of the study showed that malignant tumors of various organs and tissues physicians revealed that 12.7 million patients. It is noted that sixteen percent of all cancer patients (about two million people) were carriers of various infectious diseases that affect the liver, digestive tract and the uterus.

The researchers also found that in States that are evolving, the proportion of cases of cancer-related infections is high and close to one quarter, and this is almost three times higher than the same indicator in other more developed countries. In addition, in different world regions differed by almost ten times. For example, in New Zealand and Australia infectious diseases infected about 3.3 percent of patients with cancer, and in the African countries, this situation is observed in one third of cases of cancer.

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