Every seventh patient cannot be cured with antibiotics

The spread of antibiotic - edged sword. The presence of antibiotics and the availability of help in a short time and with minimal cost to cure even serious infectious diseases. On the other hand, the widespread use of antibiotics has led to the fact that bacteria are becoming more resistant to drugs.

In the old antibiotics do not work, and new ones too toxic and expensive. Scientists predict that bacteria can win in this race, then humanity will be left without adequate therapy of bacterial infections.

According to the latest data, every seventh course of antibiotics does not give the desired result and requires repetition or replacement of the drug. Data collected in the period from 1991 to 2012. On average, 15% of patients do not recover from an infectious disease after antibiotic therapy. In the case of pneumonia and bronchitis, the figure is 35%, which can not be intimidating. So, every third patient with a bacterial infection of the respiratory tract needs a special approach.

Scientists are extremely concerned about the growing ineffectiveness of antibiotics. To increase the effectiveness of antibiotics is necessary for their reasonable use. Today the question arises on the acquisition of similar drugs solely on prescription. Note that now in Russia most of the antibiotics sold in pharmacies without a prescription, including the strongest means.

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Before applying another antibiotic should consult with your doctor, who will assess the need for such treatment.

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