Every Russian doctor will provide your electronic workplace

According to Misawa of the Russian Federation, to the end of the year, each physician will be provided with your personal workplace. Such are the demands of Informatization program, implement the Ministry of health of Russia. This program will enable physicians to use all the advantages of modern technologies, such as medical database, digital library, as well as a specially created program that will help the physician to choose the cure, treatment, diagnosis and more. In addition, it will provide an opportunity to reduce the number of medical errors in the determination of diagnosis and prescribing. According to the Minister of health of the Russian Federation Veronika Skvortsova, when using the non-professionals in the field will be identified.

In addition, the computer will have all the necessary papers that you can fill in and immediately printed. Thus, patients will be given more time because, according to the doctors themselves, most time is spent on paperwork.

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As the joke of the doctors themselves, it is not for the sick, and for the prosecution. Meanwhile, as the doctor said one of the Metropolitan clinics, most likely, they will have to duplicate the electronic card patients their paper versions, as it represents a legal document.

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