Every hour in Russia HIV-infected 8 people

Every third Sunday of may in Russia decided to hold a Day of remembrance of the victims of HIV. Every year in the country increases the number of deaths from HIV. In 2012 in Russia died from HIV 20000 citizens, and the level of HIV infection increased by 12 percent.

Sad statistics show that as at 31st December 2012 year in Russia was officially registered 014 720 HIV-infected people, of which 6 thousand 411 infected were children under the age of 15 years. Preliminary data indicate that last year it was revealed 69 849 new infections of HIV. Thus it turns out that in Russia every day added 190 new HIV-infected, or 8 HIV-infected per hour.

From this number (190 daily) 107 infections accounted for using drugs (40 women and 67 men). 79 people (53 women and 26 men) were infected with HIV during heterosexual intercourse, and 3 people were infected with HIV because homosexual relationships. One or two cases of HIV infection occurs when the transmission of the virus from mother to her child.

It should also be noted that, in order to identify one case of HIV infection, the government spends 37 000. The price for one test is 100 rubles, and for the purchase of 26 million tests need to 2.6 billion rubles. After such a number of tests will be set 70 000 cases of infection. Thus it turns out that for detection of the HIV-infected should spend 37 000. Drugs for treatment of one of the citizen of the Russian Federation the government allocates almost $ 120,000 annually.

Experts predict that by 2015 year the number of people who will need treatment will be 350,000 people. At today's prices the cost of HIV therapy will be 42 billion rubles. In the state budget for these purposes annually provides 18.5 billion. That is, the therapy will be available to all who need it only if the price will be reduced.

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