Every fourth man feels the symptoms of menstruation

We are talking about the change in behavior, abdominal pain, associated with a particular time period within each month. In total in research took part 2412 volunteers. Scientists wondered, do men bouts of cramps, irritability and fatigue, typical for PMS.

It turned out that 26% of men regularly have these symptoms. More than half of men complained of irritability and fatigue, 47% reported a periodic desire to eat something, and this desire had nothing to do with hunger, 43% of scientists registered the changes in mood.

All of the above symptoms are recorded in women during PMS. Research proves that men are living creatures, like women. Of course, irritability and pain in men is not associated with menstruation. "Men have a number of hormonal cycles, and they affect their level of energy, anger, libido, and irritability," says jed diamond, the author of the work.

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